Welcome (Back?) to Grace Incarnate

A new name and a new season

Just a quick little announcement about some changes I’ll be making around here. This week, I started my 1-year full-time internship as a ‘vicar’ in the Lutheran church. I’ll be serving at a local parish doing all the things a pastor does like preach, teach, visit with people, and serve in a multitude of other ways. I’ll also be serving part-time at the local detention center (kinda between a jail and a prison) as a chaplain.

Essentially, after 2 years of intense studying and bookwork, I’m moving out of the books and into real-life ministry. As a part of that, I’ll also be stepping into this platform in a bigger way, so I thought a name change was in order… Grace Incarnate (previously, The Jonasletter).

I explain the name change in the video above. It has more to do with my end of things than yours. I just didn’t want you to be confused when you see it.

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I tidied up the site quite a bit to make room for some more intentional robust content that I have planned. It’s a lot easier to find what you need and be able to venture down whatever rabbit hole you care to go down.

  • Have a look at the new site here.

  • You can find the ‘Sermons’ section here.

  • The ‘Journal’ section is here.

  • The ‘Group’ section is right heya.

  • The ‘Videos’ section is here.

  • Aaaaaand the ‘Theology’ section is here.

Knowing myself a little bit, methinks that these sections of the site may eventually change. But it’s nice not to have everything lumped together.

Okay, that’s about it. I hope you enjoy the video update. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out by replying back to any email you get from me or in the comments below on the site. Many thanks!

Grace & Godspeed,